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Need advice on water quality issues?



We are specialized in Water Quality Assurance and the different water aspects. We perform risk inventories and develop management plans to prevent Legionella. We operates on the different islands in the Caribbean on all  water related issues. We work with Public Health, Utility companies, Hospitals and Hotels on the different islands in the Caribbean for instance the BES islands.

We provides a comprehensiverange of services 

• Water Quality Monitoring

• Technical support in Water Quality issues

• Set up Legislations / Regulations for the use of different water resources

• Perform Risk Analysis and management plans

• Facilitating Legionella save drinking water advices • Set up Water Quality Assurance plans

• Provide Training, creating Awareness and sharing knowledge.

We assist and advice institutions like

• Water dependable organisations and companies

• Hospitals

• Health care facilities

• Nursing homes

• Hotels, motels and conference centers• Bathing establishments

• Sport accommodations with swimming pools and shower facilities• Service stations with public shower facilities

Are you interested in getting a quote for legionella sampling, getting advice on our complete legionella prevention service package, or learning more about legionella contamination procedures?


Please contact us.


Kaya bienestar 9, Willemstad, Curaçao

CUR  747 7758 / +5999 670-7758 / +5999 671-8226

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